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Teen Titans - Enter: the Jackal, ch 1
It’s 9pm, Friday night. The Titans are at home enjoying a stay-home pizza and game night. Already eating through most of the pizza, they’ve completed a number of board and card games, including Trivial Pursuit (in which Cyborg swamped the competition), Charades (where Beast Boy shined), Forces of Nature (I’m assuming that’s the name of the card game they played in the episode “Winner Take All”; anyway, Robin won), and Monopoly (where Starfire carelessly bought everything she landed on, and ironically ended up winning because people constantly landed on her properties). They are now playing the final and most interesting game of the night: Truth Or Dare.
With a smirk on his face, Cyborg points out Beast Boy.  "Ok, BB.  Your turn.  Truth or dare?"
Without hesitation, Beast Boy responds excitedly. "I’m ALL dare! Bring it on, Cy! I ain’t afraid to go to the limits!"
Cyborg looks around while rubbing his chin. "Alright! Hmm
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Sailor Moon and the Knight, Chapter 3
It is now Saturday evening, 8:44pm local time in Japan.  Harley Quinn and The Joker have revealed themselves before Jett.  
“Mmmm, he looks strong, Mr. J”, Harley says excitedly as she finishes her sushi.
The Joker hops down from his perch with the amulet in his possession.  “Heheheheheheh, yes Harley, he’s got style.  I like the cut of his jib.”
Before another word can be said, Jett dashes at Joker and lifts him up aggressively by his neck.  “I will kill you, clown!”
“Hey!  Hands off Mr. J, headbanger!”, Harley yells as she points a pistol with a boxing glove in the barrel.  She shoots it at Jett like an extending arm, hitting him with enough force to send him flying into a stack of crates.
The Joker dusts himself off.  “My my, Harley, you sure know how to pack a punch.”
Harley blushes.  “Aww, Pudd’n.”
Enraged, Jett starts to glow and releases a powerful sho
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Sailor Moon and the Knight, Chapter 2
Early Saturday morning, 9:02am local time in Japan, businessman and billionaire Bruce Wayne sits on a private jet piloted by his trusted friend, British butler Alfred Pennyworth.  Bruce enjoys a cup of coffee while he reads through file papers and dossiers.  Putting the jet on autopilot, Alfred enters the cabin with a pot of fresh coffee.
Alfred appears attentive as ever as he pours Bruce a fresh cup of coffee with poise and grace.  “We are on schedule so far, Master Bruce”, he says.  “We’ll be arriving in Tokyo in less than one hour.  Your meeting with the President of Hashitashi Industries is at 11:00am local time, quite enough of a window for some recuperation from the trip, sir.”
“Thank you, Alfred”, he says as he sips his coffee and continues reading.
“Sir, forgive my curiosity”, Alfred says hesitantly, “…but those documents do not look like they are for a business deal.”
“I had
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Sailor Moon and the Knight, Chapter 1
NOTE: I will be using Japanese names for this.  Also, while it’s set in Japan, dialogue is in universal English for ease of writing.
It’s roughly after 9am. The sun shines brightly signifying the start of a beautiful day.  The sun beams creep through the blinds and shine over the eyes of a sleeping Usagi, lying under the covers like a bundled-up baby with Luna asleep on the pillow above her head.  Her eyes slowly flutter open as the sun beams wake her up.
“Mmm”, Usagi mumbles as she slowly wakes up with a stretch and a yawn, then plops back down onto her pillow.  Her gaze finds its way towards her nightstand, where she reads 9:07am on her alarm clock.  “GAAAAAHHHHH!!!”
Her shriek can be heard from outside her house, scaring Luna awake.  Luna is now perched in the head of Usagi’s bed frame as if under attack.
Usagi rushes through her room gathering her things and throwing off her pajamas.  “I CAN’T
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My Pokemon Crew
NAME:  Kevin Pewter
HOMETOWN:  Pewter City
HGT:  5' 10"
WGT:  150lbs
BACKGROUND:  He is the younger brother of Brock, also being the second eldest of the sibling line.  His primary pokémon is Jigglypuff, which he found wandering lost in a heavy thunderstorm in Pewter City.  He took care of it and it eventually grew attached to him, so he kept him.  Kevin traveled South with his best friend Bobby to Prof. Oak's place where he got tips on training it, as well as receiving his very own pokédex and a pokémon from Prof. Oak as a gift - Squirtle.  Kevin
now travels with Bobby and the rest of the crew to become strong and successful pokémon trainers.  In present time, he is a 4-time Pokémon League Champion, and looking for new challenges.  Kevin has no specific specialty with his pokémon, for he likes variety.  His favorite lineup includes Jiggl
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Cruise Ship Blues, part 2
Two gamblers have been officially defeated by Christy's monsters, and there are now two left.  We continue with the confrontation of Gambler #1's Lucario vs. Christy's Gyarados, which towers over the competition rather easily.  The crowd gets the idea that the gambler is merely disguising the fear that he has towards Gyarados.
GAMBLER_1:  B-b-big deal!  I ain't scared o' no giant lizard!
CHRISTY:  Hey!  Dragon, ok?  He's sensative about that.
GAMBLER_1:  I'll show you sensative!  Force Palm, Lucario!
Lucario strikes with a powerful Force Palm, causing Gyarados to roar in pain and almost flinch.
CHRISTY:  Fine then.  Don't give in, baby!  Just Bite him!
Lucario is now found dashing from Gyarados's massive jaws, which it knows can swallow it whole.
GAMBLER_1:  Quit runnin' away, dangit!
LUCARIO:  *stands and leers at Gyarados with no signs of fear*
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Cruise Ship Blues, part 1
NOTE:  Just to let everyone know, we all are aware that pokémon speak their names - or roar - when they talk.  But for my stories, I write in their translations of what they're actually saying when necessary.  It doesn't mean they're speaking plain English, unless otherwise noted.
It's been some time since the gang had competed in the Pokémon League, and they've never experienced the Sinnoh League before.  Kevin is already a four-time champion of the Pokémon League, yet he wonders what new surprises may come of him in the Sinnoh League.  They are all on a ferry cruise heading towards Sinnoh, having recently left Pewter City and travelling throughout the regions.  The boys, each in swimming trunks, relax on the deck of the ship soaking up the sun.
BOBBY:  I haven't even heard of the pokémon in the Sinnoh regions.  They'll probably be pretty nasty.
KEVIN:  I dunno.  Bro
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Writing Tournament V Round I + Sign Ups!
Come one and come all, raise your pen take part in this grand literary battle! You could win a quill, dA core memberships, points, art, features, and more to be won! We have extended our deadline to give you all a little more time to enter the first round.
The time is nigh for the Fifth Annual Writers--club Literature Tournament!
This is a tournament for all writers welcoming prose and poetry! It will be a grand competition spanning three rounds of literary challenge! First of all, you must be willing to write for each of the rounds over the coming months.
There will be judging at the end of each round and those who progress to the next round will have to write a new piece for the next round's theme. A new participants list with the surviving writers will be released upon the announcement of the new round.
In past years, we would do a different prompt for each round, but we’re switching things up to make things more fun for our fifth year. For this tournament, each ro
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Tournament Prep! Seeking Prize Donations
Hello to all of the wonderful writers in this group! As a part of our goal to rise like a phoenix from the ashes, we are preparing to start our fifth annual writing tournament.
We are debating our main prizes, considering some fun items like a real quill, but we would love to have a big line up of prizes for our winners. We'd like to have a physical prize mailed to our top winner this year; we're still deciding on what and we are open to suggestions!
Any form of donation would be appreciated, anything from subscriptions, :points: points, commissions, features, or anything else you would like to donate. :hug:
Here's what we have set in stone so far; we would be hugely grateful for any contributions! We want to have a prize list worthy of this grand battle of literary skill.
First Place
Quill and Inkwell Set
Three Month Core Memebrship :dalogo: from BreaghaDerryth
150 Points :points: from RollingTomorrow
100 Points :points:
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I just posted my latest article to Moviepilot today!  Go check it out!… 
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I just posted my latest article to Moviepilot today!  Go check it out!… 


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